Galvin Nueva Martonito

As a student of Ateneo Graduate School of Business (AGSB), my major objective right now is to strengthen my personal Financial Fundamentals.  

Currently, I'm connected with Igloo Supply Chain Philippines Inc., as Inventory Control and Process Officer... Why? Because I still believe that in building your portfolio, stable cash inflow is still necessary. As an Industrial Engineer, I also believe in concept the Continuous Improvement and Learning. There are still a lot to learn, from leadership to business theories and even simple and practical ways of doing things. 

I just started trading stocks first quarter of 2010 and it's really fun... But it's just not because I'm earning... In fact, sometimes I lose a lot of money. Losing pump my adrenalin and It's like illegal drugs... Addictive but will cause hazard. Addictive in a sense that it will keep you thinking on how to get out of it.

Earning and learning at the same time is a very good experience. If you earn your pocket is thicker but before that you have to know the basics. I created this site for those who want to learn stock market investing & trading and to share some of my basic knowledge and ideas. Happy Learning and Earning...