• Fair Value is the actual book value per share of a firm.
  • Market Value is how much people is willing to pay for a certain share of a firm

Fundamentals Analysis

Analyzing companies by their inherent value through information from financial statements found in SEC Filings, business trends, general economic conditions, etc. 

Technical Analysis

Studies price actions in markets through the use of charts and quantitative techniques to attempt to forecast price trends regardless of the company's financial prospect


  • Reversal Pattern
  • Continuation Pattern

Basic Patterns

  • Uptrend
  • Downtrend
  • Flat or sideway
  • Cup and Handle
  • Head and Shoulder
  • Flags and Pennant
  • Double Top
  • Triple Top
  • Double Bottom
  • Triple Bottom
  • Triagle
  • Wedge

Candle Sticks


Elliot Wave